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2Qute 2Go Styling Party

2Qute 2Go: Styling Party

During this personalized styling experience, you (the hostess) and your guests (minimum of 10 guests preferred) will receive a special view of our designer collection of hand-selected boutique items. Your group will receive personalized styling tips in the comfort of your own home and geared toward your individual lifestyles! Guests will be able to try on clothes, have a fashion show and see our unique selection of boutique home decor and accessory items!

Hosting a 2Qute 2Go party is so easy! All you have to do is gather your girlfriends with some yummy foods and drinks and I will do the rest! Each style party is 3 hours in length and guests will be able to take their purchases immediately (no ordering, no waiting, no shipping charges!).

A private party group will be set up on Facebook prior to the event so your guests can see some of our newest arrivals and ask questions before coming to your party! You and your guests will be able to purchase EXCLUSIVE boutique items, only available to those attending a 2Qute 2Go Party!

There are MANY amazing perks to hosting a 2Qute 2Go Party with Too Qute Boutique! As the hostess, you will receive 10% of your party's sales in FREE QUTIES! For example, if your party has $600 in sales, you will receive $60 in free merchandise (anything you choose that is in stock) from Too Qute Boutique! Plus, for every $300 in party sales, you will receive 1 item at 50% off! For example, if you host a $600 party, you'll get 2 items at half off, plus $60 in free goodies! Your personalized party will remain open for 1 week after your actual party date, so you can continue to accumulate sales from any guests who couldn't be at the actual party! There are no limits to how much you can earn! (See our chart below for examples.)

Party Sales / Items at 50% Off / Store Credits (Freebies!):
$300 / 1  / $30
$600 / 2$60
$900 / 3$90
$1200 / 4 / $120
$1500 / 5 / $150

Have a friend who wants to host a 2Qute 2Go party? If she books a party at your party, you'll get ONE MORE item at 50% off and so will she! Win/win!

Want to host a party but live outside our 2Qute 2Go region? Host an online party on Facebook! Contact me for details.

Ready to host? Contact me at tooquteboutique@hotmail.com, 513-284-7982 or message me through Facebook or Instagram (Too Qute Boutique).

(Please note: A valid credit card number is required when selecting your party date. This will secure your date and 3 hours of Too Qute Boutique's in home styling time. If your party has less than $250 of sales, $75 will be charged to your credit card to cover the 3 hour party. The $75 deposit will only be charged to you if after your party has been open for 1 week after the party date you do not meet the minimum sales of $250. If you have an ONLINE 2Qute 2Go party, the $75 booking fee does not apply.)

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