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THIS IS US: Appreciation of 'Real Life' Photos with my 2qtie

Posted on October 15 2018

With the change of seasons from Summer to Fall and the crisp feel to the morning air, my thoughts have drifted to the upcoming holidays. I just snagged a Groupon (yay!) for photo cards and started going through images to actually get ahead of the holiday rush.

Each year, I vow to actually ENJOY the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas without trying to cram in everything that "needs" to be done in order to have the perfect holiday. It gets easier over time when you can start to release into the universe the notion of creating the perfect experience for the kids. As moms, we put the crazy ideal of perfection on ourselves after binge reading Pinterest posts and seeing gorgeously staged photos of others. 

For those of you who personally know Miss M, my 2qtie (born with 2q23.1 Microdeletion Syndrome), she has a mind of her own and simply can't be coerced in to doing anything she's not interested in. (As in - she sees a camera and has an Elvis-snarl she plants on her face - no kidding!) This is just part of her very lovable personality. That said, it makes it super fun to get family pictures taken! We were fortunate this summer to have the very talented Tonya Cook (Tonya Cook Photography in Cincinnati, OH) work with Miss M and try every trick she had in order to get an authentic pic of my sweet pea.

While most of us have become conditioned to see a certain 'look' to our family photos, we don't prescribe to the norm and are thrilled to have ANY pictures of Miss M, even the moody ones. ;-) 

I've never been a showy or vain person and as I get older, I am less and less tolerant for fakeness in any capacity - fake friends, fake food, fake images, etc. Photos fall into this category, as we are all constantly bombarded with perfect images that have been staged, photoshopped, cropped, altered, filtered. Our brain has a difficult time discerning what is reality. One thing Miss M teaches us time and time again, is that there is beauty in everyday real life - pleasure in the small things and experiences others would easily dismiss. She laughs without abandon, fusses when she needs help, wants to be friendly to all people by reaching out with touch, and naturally avoids people or situations that are upsetting. In short, Miss M lives a very authentic life without concern or regard to how she is "supposed" to behave. There is something naturally refreshing about viewing life through her lens.

So, as I peruse our family photos this year, I chuckle at the Elvis snarl and smile at the sweet family portrait as captured by the photographer, perfectly imperfect. Each moment I will remember with fondness as being true to the time the picture was taken. I am grateful for how my Too Qute 2qtie has changed the way I look at life. 



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